• Employment Concept

    Employment Concept

    Employing concept Adhere to the "people-oriented" employment concept, select talents, make good use of talents, cultivate talents, and retain talents, and continue to attract with preferential talent policies, a relaxed employment environment, a competitive employment system, and a broad development platform All kinds of professionals needed by the company come to the company for entrepreneurship and development. Give opportunities to those who want to work, give positions to those who can do things, and give status to those who can do things. Mutual trust and respect, and welcome colleagues from different backgrounds. Strive to create and innovate, and benefit from the company's diversified working environment. Be proactive, challenge each other, make full preparations for change and make unremitting efforts for the realization of goals. We share knowledge and experience, and work together to improve our performance. We care about each other and seek a balance between personal life and work based on personal and company needs. We strive to create a development, healthy and inclusive working environment. We are responsible for the career learning and development of our employees and for enhancing the company's development capabilities.